~ Pure Northern Michigan Honey ~

Sweet Blossom Honey is a commercial honey operation located in the beautiful Northern Tip of Lower Michigan. Here between the lakes and the streams we manage 100 colonies of honeybees. Our bees gather nectar from wildflowers all over rolling fields and forests. Collecting the sweet nectar of Basswood and Sumac blossoms, Clover flowers and Star Thistle, the bees bring it back to their hives to produce delicious Sweet Blossom Honey.

Our honey is harvested in the fall each year and processed by our staff providing a raw, naturally sweet product for your table. When you purchase Sweet Blossom Honey you are getting 100% Natural Honey that is only warmed to 100 degrees, which is the same temperature the bees keep in the hive.

Sweet Blossom Honey is made from plant nectars collected by the bees. The unique chemistry of the nectars differs among different plant flowers. The resulting honey produced is a very special flavorful Wildflower which can only be produced in this region.


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